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Scotts Equipment South Sound Open Championships

Scotts Equipment South Sound Open Championships
Dec 01, 2020

Scotts Equipment South Sound Open Championships

The Scotts Equipment Open Championships welcomed 66 competitors competing in 5 different divisions with 4 different types of tournament schedules being played. This made for an eventful, packed and exciting match play over 6 days. The Diamond & Bronze category played a Round Robin. The Platinum category played a double elimination draw which means even if you lose you can win! Silver and Gold played a Single elimination draw with the 1st & 2nd round losers going in to a boxed round robin draw. All in all, loads of squash was played, many happy faces and certainly full belly’s at the last nights Christmas dinner.

Category winners:

Diamond: 1st Julian Jervis, 2nd Jake Kelly, 3rd Jace Jervis

Platinum: 1st Mike Bowden, 2nd Jeff Danter, 3rd Jade Pitcairn

Gold: 1st Warren Urquart, 2nd Lara Conolly, 3rd Alric Lindsay

Silver: 1st Eshaan ViJ , 2nd Siddhant Jaisal , 3rd Gerry Armstrong

Bronze: 1st Lorraine Gilies, 2nd Mark whaley, 3rd Jaimie Kae Smith