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The primary purpose of SSSC is to keep the sport alive and introduce the many benefits of the sport to as wide a based population as we can. The club aims to get and keep people active and promote increase awareness about the sport.



We have a standard renewal membership date which is the 1st July annually. Any membership taken out after or before this date will be prorated. Membership allows you:

  • Access via fob key
  • Online court booking and viewing access
  • Entry into our Boxed league
  • Weekly Newsletter of ongoing programs
  • Honour system at the bar.

Court booking

The cost of booking a court is $10.00 per 45 min session. If both players are members, the cost is split between the two members. However, this will not apply if the “All in” membership category is chosen. The “All In” includes court booking fees.

Juniors do not get charged for the use of the courts, however if an Adult member has booked the court, then they will get preference of use.

Guest: We always welcome non-members to play at the club. If guests are playing with existing members, there is a guest fee of KYD$10.00 which is charged to members accounts. We ask that members ensure they indicate when playing with guest when booking courts.

Guests visiting the club who would like to playing without a member will be charged KYD$10.00 each per 45 minute session.


 Membership Types  Cost (KYD) - Per annum
12-month Individual $375.00
12 Month Family $550.00
12 Month Couple $500.00
All in Individual $800.00
All in Family $1,050.00
All in Couple $1,000.00
Overseas/Student $100.00
Social $100.00
Junior $50.00
Squash/Tennis Joint Couple $450.00
Squash/Tennis Joint Individual $625.00
Squash/Tennis Joint Family $750.00
Squash/Tennis Joint Junior $150.00
Corporate Enquire for more details
Monthly Enquire for more details

Should you choose to become a member, please complete the registration form at the link below and we will be in touch.